It is not easy to be a guest in our city!

The saying goes that, due to traditional hospitality, far-famed gourmet food, plenty of food, good wine, music and many restaurants - it is not easy to be a guest in Novi Sad!

Welcome to Novi Sad, welcome to Serbian Athens, a hospitable and beautiful city, where the citizens, cheerful and in good spirits, welcome you with open hearts sincerely and friendly. Novi Sad is the capital of AP Vojvodina, economic, cultural, scientific, educational, health, administrative center with nearly 300,300 inhabitants. The city is located along the left bank of the Danube in southern Bačka.

Danube, fortress, Fruška Gora, farms (known as salaši)... and many other culturally and historically important places and buildings

With 300,300 inhabitants, our city is the second largest in Serbia. Not too small, not too big, we like to say - just right. It was never the capital of a state, but for a long time it was the centre of Serbian culture in the Austrian Empire and the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. The first national theatre was opened in Novi Sad and for a time it was the cultural centre of the region. The city centre consists mainly of buildings from the second half of the 19th and from the beginning of the 20th century, which gives it a fine note of Central European charm characteristic of all cities on the Danube. Once in the south of Hungary, today it is the capital of the northern Serbian province of Vojvodina, a Balkan granary, and a European region with the most pronounced multiculturalism.

Novi Sad Fair, EXIT ... as well as many other world-famous festivals and events

People of different nations and denominations have been living harmoniously in Vojvodina for centuries, so it is easy to fit in here. They say that Novi Sad is the easternmost city in Western Europe and the westernmost in Eastern Europe. People from other parts find that everything in Novi Sad is slower, more relaxed and smoother. Everything is easy here. One of the most beautiful and well-kept beaches on the Danube, Strand, is located in Novi Sad. Novi Sad residents come to Strand not only to bathe, sunbathe and spend summer days, but also to "see and to be seen". On the other side of the river, Fruška Gora smiles, a mountain as tame as the city itself. On its hillside is the Petrovaradin Fortress.

The city of Novi Sad has all the necessary variety of offers which modern tourist centre needs to have if it wants to achieve a more notable place on the world tourist map. Novi Sad has been a member of the European Cities of Tourism (EUROPIAN CITIES TOURISM) since 2006. During 2008, it was visited by 97,008 tourists, which represents 4.20% of the total number of tourists in the Republic of Serbia. In 2008 alone, about 500 ships docked at the pier in Novi Sad, of which 250 were foreign, with about 35,000 passengers. In addition, the Agricultural Fair has about 300,000 visitors every year, while the EXIT music festival gathers 150,000, a significant part of which are also foreigners.

Welcome to Novi Sad, we are here to wait for you,
to drive you safely through our city!